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Class Descriptions

Pilates Pilates is a system of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates during World War I. Pilates helps to tone and strengthen the body while improving posture and flexibility in a relaxing manner. Pilates aids in stabilizing and strengthening the core and is appropriate for all levels of fitness.
Work It Circuit This class is appropriate for all levels of fitness. It incorporates an exercise circuit with various stations that include a different exercise geared towards a specific set of muscles. Work itā€Circuit includes a combination of resistance training and aerobics.
Yoga Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline originating in Ancient India. Modern Western Yoga utilizes asanas or postures as a form of exercise. Yoga helps to increase flexibility, strength, tone, posture, balance, focus and concentration and is appropriate for all levels of fitness.
Spinning/Indoor Cycling
This is a high intensity class which is performed on special indoor bicycles. Climbing, sprinting, jumping and flat endurance rides are included in each cycling journey. Spinning helps to strengthen the lower body and burns fat and calories. This class is appropriate for all levels of fitness.
This class incorporates High Intensity Interval Training with Spinning. Quick spurts of intense cycling will alternate with recovery to produce greater results in calorie and fat burning. This class is appropriate for moderate to advanced levels of fitness.
 Ab Attack Ab attack is a core and abdominal strengthening class sure to help you tone that midsection.
Zumba The new craze!  Zumba is an upbeat Latin based class that incorporates dance moves and stretching to ensure you get a total body makeover!
Outdoor Adventure Boot Camp This high-intensity boot-camp style class will have you traversing trails, sprinting stairs, and lifting your body weight out in the great outdoors!
Beginner Boot Camp This is a toned-down version of boot camp, open to all fitness levels. Enjoy a high intensity workout with one on one guidance and motivation with out feeling like you are joining the marines!
Indoor Biking Buddies
This class was designed to help outdoor riders continue their riding proficiency during the cold of winter. The group will participate in various simulated rides to help maintain their fitness level in regard to climbing, sprinting and endurance riding. This class is appropriate for all levels of fitness.
Yogalates A perfect combination of yoga and pilates. Both disciplines incorporate flexibility training as well as balance training, focus, concentration and core strengthening and stability. Yogalates is appropriate for all levels of fitness.
Tour de France Spin alongside the pros during the month of July while you watch them compete on a big screen projector.  Just remember, when they climb, WE climb!
Swing Into Shape This class is designed for the avid golfer and tennis enthusiast, but don't worry, anyone can benefit from this wonderful class geared towards strengthening your hips, legs, and core!
Super Sweat This total body workout, packed into a quick thirty minutes, is a great complement to Zumba!
Heart Hi Jinx
This is a high intensity cardio class which utilizes spinning, plyometrics, jump rope, bosu, and various other forms of aerobic activity. This class is appropriate for all levels of fitness.
Crossfit CrossFit is a high intensity class that combines weight lifting, sprinting,gymnastics, powerlifting, kettlebell training, plyometrics, and medicine ball training. This workout format helps to build stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility and balance. This class is most appropriate for people who have already obtained a moderate to high level of fitness.
Pre-Ski Stretch
This class was designed to help skiers warm up before their ski sessions. Skiing is a demanding sport and proper warm up will aid in the prevention of muscle injury. Gentle, slow stretching will be utilized. This class is appropriate for all levels of fitness.
Snow Sports Fitness
This fitness class is designed to help strengthen the muscles utilized for various winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Sports specific exercises will be used to help the participants increase their proficiency in their snow sport of choice. This class is appropriate for all levels of fitness.
Fusion Marlates
This class was designed and developed by our very own Marla Gentile. It is a combination of pilates, yoga, strength training and aerobics. It is appropriate for all levels of fitness.
High Intensity Interval Training
HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise which is beneficial to burning fat during a short and intense workout. Participants will alternate between fast and intense work periods and rest. This class will utilize aerobic exercise, plyometrics, weights, bosu, and medicine balls and is appropriate for moderate to advanced levels of fitness.
Meditation Monday
This class will expose the participant to the basic format of several forms of meditation and relaxation. By utilizing a didactic approach as well as an experiential approach, individuals will be able to begin meditating on their own by the close of the class.